… several drinks, actually. It was 2007. We were on the beach on a little island in the Mexican Caribbean, trying to dream up a way we could do a whole lot more drinking on islands instead of working in a cubicle. They always say you should “do what you love.” Well, we love drinking – beer, wine, cocktails, margaritas, rum – we’re not picky. So, Tipsy Tees was born, and we love what we do!

We always looked for tees with drinking sayings or graphics to wear on the weekends or on a road trip, but never found exactly what we wanted (no offense, but “Party Naked” shirts weren’t it). So we decided to design our own, print them up and share them with all of the other partiers, parrotheads, tailgaters and well, all of you guys! Our Tipsy Tees are perfect for everyone who likes to live a life infused with a bit of ‘spirit.’ I mean it’s t-shirts, it’s supposed to be fun!

We’re not trying to take the fashion world by storm or become a streetwear sensation – we just want to create unique and affordable tees that represent our tipsy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on a quality product and excellent customer service.

We believe in having fun. Lots of it. But not at the price of being irresponsible. Please always drink responsibly and plan for a designated driver. We want our customers to have fun for a long time to come!

Tipsy Tees is an indie biz owned and operated by Amy Chapin. I handle most everything regarding the products, packaging and shipping. However, there’s one thing I can’t do, DRAW. So all of the credit for our great designs goes to our awesome designer and go-to computer guru, Riley. He does our graphic design, illustrations, photography and web design. He takes the ideas in my head and turns them into files the printers can actually use!

Thanks for supporting Tipsy Tees!

Amy Chapin - Owner/Head Boozologist

Riley Briggs - Designer/Illustrator

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Created by Amy Chapin. Illustrated and Designed by: Riley Briggs

Tipsy Tees. All Rights Reserved. 2012.